American Society of Human Genetics members:

Jan Friedman ( University of British Columbia )
Judith Hall (UBC)
James Lupski (Baylor)
Walter Nance (VCU)
Vincent Riccardi (private practice)

American College of Medical Genetics members:

Charles Epstein (UCSF)
Kurt Hirschhorn ( Mt. Sinai )
Rodney Howell ( University of Miami ) 
Marilyn Jones (UCSD), and 
Michael Watson (Executive Office)

Representatives of the history of science and medicine community:

Garland Allen (Washington University St. Louis)
Nathaniel Comfort (Johns Hopkins) 
Ruth Schwartz Cowan (University of Pennsylvania) 
Sally Smith Hughes (UC Berkeley)
Alice Wexler (Hereditary Disease Foundation)

UCLA members:

Edward McCabe
Linda McCabe
Andrea Maestrejuan
Marcia Meldrum
Michael Nutkiewicz (formerly the senior oral historian with the Survivors of the Shoah Foundation)

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